Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials

Developing A Core Outcome Set For Lifestyle Weight Management Programmes By Expert Consensus

General Information

Weight management services throughout the UK differ in length, advice, frequency of meetings, staff, and cost. Very few services have published outcomes for patients, and those that have used different ways of reporting the information, making it impossible to compare services. Developing a core outcome set for weight management services will allow different weight management services to be compared and will tell us which services work best for which people. We will ask people who work in, refer to, or attend weight management services, what results they think services should report. We will use a Delphi process to help them reach consensus as to what should be measured and reported.

Principal Investigator: Jennifer Logue (University of Glasgow)
Co-investigators: Sharon A. Simpson (University of Glasgow), Louisa J. Ells (Teesside University)
Project Manager: Ruth M. Mackenzie

Further Study Information

Current Stage:
November 2017 - November 2018
Funding source(s):
Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government Health Department

Health Area

Disease Category
Public health

Disease Name
Weight management

Target Population

Age Range
18 - 100


Nature / type of Intervention
Management of care


Delphi process
Systematic review

A core outcome dataset will be developed using eDelphi methodology to gain consensus from an expert group; experts will include patients, academics and clinicians. Two eDelphis will be carried out using an online system developed and conducted by (a spin-out company for the University of Warwick). The first eDelphi will be to select domains for inclusion in the core dataset. The second eDelphi will be for instrument and definition selection.

Stakeholders Involved

Clinical experts
Governmental agencies
Service commissioners
Service providers
Service users

Study Type

COS for clinical trials or clinical research
COS for practice

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