Development of a standard set of outcome measures for Cardio-Oncology

Background: Experts predict a cardio-oncological epidemic in the coming years due to the growing population of cancer survivors, the increasing number of elderly people with chronic cancer therapy, and the high number of cardiovascular diseases resulting from these treatments. Cardio-oncology clinics should provide multidisciplinary, specialised evaluation and long-term follow-up. Although a number of (inter)national registries for cardio-oncology have been created, international standards for clinical assessment and outcome measurement is lacking. Moreover, patient-reported outcomes tend to be neglected.

Aim: To develop a standard and pragmatic patient-centered outcome set to assess and monitor patients at risk of or with cardiovascular diseases before, during and after oncological treatment.

Scope: The set is designed to include all patients within the cardio-oncology clinic, whether before, during or after oncological treatment. The set will encompass health status (e.g. risk assessment), functional, psychosocial, and survival outcome domains. Data will be collected through administrative, clinical records, and validated patient-reported outcome measurement instruments.


Karen Van den Bussche, principal investigator
Berlinde von Kemp
Bénédicte Manderlier
Katrien Beeckman
Bernard Cosyns

Further Study Information

Current Stage: Ongoing
Date: August 2021 - June 2022
Funding source(s): Support is given in the framework of the joint call 2020 of the Funds for research in cardio-oncology managed by the King Baudouin Foundation (Belgium).

Health Area

Disease Category: Heart & circulation

Disease Name: Cardio-oncology

Target Population

Age Range: 18 - 99

Sex: Either

Nature of Intervention: Any

Stakeholders Involved

- Clinical experts
- Consumers (caregivers)
- Consumers (patients)
- Patient/ support group representatives
- Researchers

Study Type

- COS for clinical trials or clinical research
- COS for practice


- Delphi process
- Interview
- Literature review

A list of outcomes and measures will be generated through review of existing registries and standard sets. International experts and patients will be contacted to gain input. Consensus will be reached using a Delphi procedure in which experts will be invited to rate the importance of each outcome.

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