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Red Hat Group

The Red Hat Group (RHG) has been established as an informal network of organisations with a shared interest in the development and use of COS to improve health research, clinical care, and quality/value of healthcare. The Group will provide a platform where people from interested organisations can meet on a regular basis, share ideas and challenges, and learn from each other.

RHG objectives include:

(1) to identify work of mutual interest which would benefit from combined efforts;

(2) to develop joint activities to strengthen the field, and reduce unnecessary duplication of effort;

(3) to discuss common challenges with process and methods of COS development; to promote research in areas of uncertainty; to share solutions and best practices;

(4) to discuss ways to promote uptake of COS and work together to raise awareness;

(5) to promote discussion and joint work around the alignment of outcomes for research and clinical practice.   

In addition to COMET, current members include:


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