Consensus meetings

Assessing venue accessibility

The Scottish Health Council have produced a resource to help people assess how accessible a venue is. The Accessibility Checklist can be found here.

Taking part in a consensus meeting

We present two stories from patients explaining what it's like taking part in a consensus meeting. You can download this document here.

Designing an accessible consensus meeting

You can download our Tips for Designing an Accessible Consensus Meeting here.

Consensus meeting evaluation

This is an example of an evaluation form, developed by a core outcome set team, to evaluate participant experience of a consensus meeting. To download this document click here.

Consensus meeting animation (example)

This is a short animation showing an example of a consensus meeting. It explains what consensus meetings are, who gets involved and what might happen in a consensus meeting. You can watch the video here

The animation was developed by the NIHR Bristol Biomedical Research Centre, University of Bristol, UK. It is free to use and can be shared. The following citation should be used when including the animation as part of a research project.
>>Bristol Centre for Surgical Research (2021) Making Sense of Consensus Meetings [Video] YouTube.<<