Patient and Public Involvement

Generic PPI Resources - For general information on involving / engaging patients in research please see the list of resources here.

PPI in COS checklist - The Patient and Public Involvement checklist for COS developers is designed to help researchers and public research partners working together in designing a COS study with patients as participants. You can download this document here.

Patients and the public can help to design, deliver and disseminate ‘core outcome set’ studies (patient and public involvement). This brief video explains what involving patients in such studies might look like. It is designed for patients and the public who want to know more about being involved in core outcome set studies and/or can be used by researchers looking to involve patients as research partners in their work. The animation has been co-produced with patients. If used for research purposes, please cite as: Barrington HJ, Gorst SL, Horobin A, Morris C, Morris D, Smith M, Turner J, Williamson PR, Young B. Patient and public involvement in designing, delivering and disseminating core outcome set (COS) studies, what does it look like? – An animation. 2022. DOI: 10.17638/ You can view this video here.

COMET’s new patient and public involvement toolkit is designed to help core outcome set developers who are collaborating with patient research partners in designing, delivering and disseminating core outcome set studies. The toolkit can be accessed here.